Friday, June 20, 2008


Ok so sex is the most common topic at work in some form or fashion today. Damn it man. Well today is our bosses' birthday. Around 3ish everyone came up here to have cake and ice cream. Well, one of our ladies tells us she's pregnant! This is a lady that is approx. 45 years old and already has two kids and a grand baby. Supposedly her husband has been "fixed" as she calls it, so this should not be happening according to him and herself. Well according to her doctors, she is pregnant. So everyone is totally wigging out and talking about sex. Well one of our senior ladies proceeds to tell one of our middle aged ladies that is is necessary to keep the bedroom hopping. And middle aged thought it was the best advice EVER!
Alright this is what's really going on. I'm 22 years old. I know that if the sex isn't good and frequent for BOTH parties, then no, the relationship probably won't work or last. I mean COME ON! I don't understand how relationships last without sex and I don't understand how they would work if either party was dissatisfied. Toby and I discuss our sexual relationship frequently and we both make sure that the other is completely and overly satisfied. And we are young. Hell, I know my mom is having good sex and she's pushing 45! So I know it's not an age issue. I guess what I don't understand is some people cannot communicate and compromise on one of the most important issues in their relationship. Damn, just give it up and let it out!! Have good slap-me-around get rowdy hard core sex and spice up your love life! It's not hard ladies and gents. It's NOT a challenge, or it shouldn't be, and if it is, then go home and fuck your man! Take him by surprise and just go for it, what's it gonna hurt?
I have learned that in a good, healthy relationship, you have good, healthy sex. If the sex ain't good, then the relationship is most likely in the same boat.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Nevermind on getting Heaven tonight or shall I say for a few nights. I found out that she's going with her bio mom's mom for five days. Wow. Toby broke the news to me and I started crying :( I have no reason to be upset, I mean, she is not my bio child, but she might as well be. I wish she was. And I love her like she is...but she's not. Oh well...the adventures of being a future stepmom are emotional, esspecially this week. Send me vibes people!

Hump Day!

So it's Wednesday and that's pretty radical because I'm that much closer to Friday. Last night was fabulous!! I mean, awesome. Toby and I came home and drank some beer and played in the yard. I washed and peeled and prepared garlic cloves, which was a first for myself. I cooked some sausage jambalaya and put some of the fresh cloves in it and it was outstanding. Toby loves jambalaya and so do I. I also watered my plants and we talked about what we are going to transplant this weekend. I've got one tomato plant that is just bursting and it is in such desperate need of transplanting. Unfortunately, funds have been a little low for pots and soil, but Toby and I are breaking down and we are going to get it done this weekend, along with yard work. We have really got to clean our yard up some. I told Toby I kind of would like to have a little get together at our house for the Fourth of July and he said that was good. The only bad thing is rent is due that week, so we will have to plan depending upon our budget. Besides, for right now, it's just an idea, nothing set in stone.
Hopefully tonight Heaven Leigh is coming over. I love it when she comes over!! She always brightens my life a little more every time I see her pretty face. I have no idea what will be for supper...probably "mustgo" because everything in the fridge must go! I hate wasting foods, so I'll probably prepare something random with all of our leftovers!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's been awhile...

So I haven't posted anything in a week or two. Oops. Well Mom's wedding went good...her dumbass husband pissed me off immensly the night before, so I really don't have any use whatsoever for him anymore. Come to think of it, I never really have, I've just tried to be nice. As long as he makes her happy, then I'm happy for her.

Well I took a couple of quick days off from work and went to Hilton Head and got extremely sunburnt. I stayed out for about 6 hours with no sunscreen, which was NOT smart. So the rest of my little vacation was spent sunburnt. But I'm now overing it, which is a relief. Toby stayed home while I was in Hilton Head, and I missed him so bad. I didn't realize I would miss him like I did, but WOW. I doubt we will be apart like that again for a long time. If ever. I love him so much, he's definetly my soul mate.

Father's Day was excellent. We had Heaven from Saturday until Monday and she had such a good time. We went swimming, played with the neighbors, planted some stuff in the yard, played inside, rode the tricycle, visited Papa Jim and Papa Aaron, and all sorts of other fun things. I bought Toby a grill for Father's Day and he was absolutely thrilled with it. We grilled steaks and they were to die for! We visited our dads which was really awesome. Toby's dad gave me so many plants and an aloe plant for my sunburn. I just love him so much! I can't wait until I can one day call him my father-in-law. Sunday night Toby was exhausted, he wasn't feeling good either, so he went to sleep around 7 and Heaven and I stayed up and watched Sunday night cartoons, so that gave us quality time together. She helped me clean up the kitchen and her toys. I love her like she's my own. I sure did miss her yesterday when she was gone, but she's probably coming back over tomorrow.

So tonight I'm going to go home and be extremely productive, beer included. I haven't really been able to do a whole lot with this sunburn, but I plan on cleaning my house and cooking a light supper. I'll probably water my plants and plant some more garlic seeds and of course spend time with my Toby. Ahh the good life...I love it so much.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Drama Drama Drama

Ok, so it's 3 days before my mother's wedding day and I must say, I'm doing GOOD. As for the drama, well, it's drama. I mean, how could I have expected to go through this whole thing without some? Puhhhhhleeeeeasssssssssseeeeeee. I know better. Okay, so two weeks ago our family attended John's wedding. Okay, well let me give some background to one of the guests. I'm going to call her Horseface.
So Horseface's sister used to be married to John. I loved her so much and I will always have an extra special place in my heart for her. Unfortunately, John and Horseface remained good friends since he divorced her sister. Ok, well it just so happens that Horseface is Toby's ex-girlfriend also. I have NOTHING against her. I've heard what kind of person she is and I don't choose to surround myself with people like her. Regardless of who she is or was to my boyfriend (this was many moons ago also, like 6 years ago) I still went out of my way to speak to her. Also know that this chick got knocked up and married and is about to pop and she's waddling everywhere, and she looks horrible. More or less, she looks miserable to me. Well as Toby and I are speaking to her, Toby jokingly tells her that he's got a baby in the oven with me, and I look at her, laugh and tell her he's full of it. And he is. I AM NOT PREGNANT!! We go about on our marry, drunk way, and mingle and talk with many people and eventually leave.
So last night, my mother calls screaming "why is Toby telling people you are pregnant? Are you?" Of course the POS phone is not cooperating and I can hear everything she says but she cannot hear what I am saying. Finally, she gets "not pregnant" and thank you God, the phone died. Now, my mom was VERY intoxicated and she's screaming stuff at me about Toby (they have had problems in the past) and screaming at me about all sorts of things. So after the phone died, not only did I have to deal with an upset BF, but Heaven was with us and her and I happened to be laying down when we got the message from Mom, and when I got up, she got up. So I had Toby and Heaven to settle back down. Toby was upset and crying (yes) and Heaven was whining about going to bed, and honestly, I was understanding the sleepy thing. So I comforted Toby, told him I remembered the incident Mom was talking about, and that it was Horseface who said it to John, who it turned called Mom and got her all upset. He was still upset because Mom and him have had rough times and just when we think it's a thing of the past, BIAM in your face Toby. It's always something. So of course Mom calls me first thing this morning and pretty much apologized for her actions. I explained to her exactly what happened and that it was a TOTAL misunderstanding. She understood, and she admitted she was pretty much toasted, and she didn't mean to use foul language on the phone. Everything is good now, and we are still going to midway. Oh the joys!!! I will be sure to call Horseface Friday night or at least make sure it gets back to her that, even though she was standing there miserable because she's preggo and was forced into marriage because of that does not mean that I am and that next time, she can get the story straight, esspecially if it's going back to my mother. Oh I hope labor is a bitch for her.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Monday...

Well the weekend was full of laziness! We didn't do anything except sit at home and watch TV, drank a lot, and cleaned. So another week has come. This weekend my mom gets married. Oh I'm excited I guess. Next week I'm going on a little vacation to Hilton Head. I'm going to visit cousin Allison. I guess you could say I'm having a slight emotional breakdown. Yes I am. I guess it's because I don't really consider myself to have "friends" anymore. I guess I have acquaintances. I'm not running a popularity contest or anything, but DAMN I would greatly appreciate it if the people that used to say "oh yeah Brandi is one of my good friends" would at least pick up the phone and say "how have you been? Are you still alive?"
Unfortunately for them, yes! I am still here, bitches. And don't forget it either. I just miss being around other people. Yes Toby and I are hermits. But we are happy hermits! We probably have a total of 10 people that keep tabs on us, which I guess is a good number? Whatever. I think my problem is growing up. Yes I'm getting older, which means no fun filled weekends, no trips to the bar, no road trips or anything.
I guess that's ok though. I mean, I gave that lifestyle up. I DID IT. So I guess I should probably not worry about it. Anyways...I am going to spend some time with cousin Allison because in my times of despair, she always makes me feel better. Always. So I shall go forth and spend time with Allison on the island. I have good hopes that it will do my mind and body and spirit some good.

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Finally The Weekend!!

Well Friday has arrived and as of now I have 2 hours left until it's officially the weekend for me! YAY! This week just seemed to really drag by and it was kind of rough. Oh I'm so excited to sleep in in the morning! Hopefully I'll make it past 9 am because usually we are both up and jumping at 8. And that leads to me either 1) having to take a nap or 2) going to bed at 8pm on a Saturday night.
We don't really have plans for this weekend. Our friends Nancy and Rob are having a birthday party for Rob's son Ethan this weekend, so we might grab up Heaven and go let her get some time with a lot of good kids. Toby and I along with the rest of the family are learning that she needs to be around other kids as much as possible. That way, when August rolls around and she starts school, she will be less likely to disrupt the classroom and cause a lot of mayhem. I mean, what parent/stepparent/papa/grandma wants that to happen? NONE! So we are defintely booking kiddie play dates, if anyone in the area is interested, please contact me asap.
On another note...oh mother, oh mother. Yes I'm talking about mine. She's carrying a marriage liscense around as we speak. The date is for next Saturday, and it's a big secret. As of right now, nobody reads my blog (that I know of) so I don't think it will hurt to talk about it. Glen is a good guy. He has some things about him that I don't particullarly care for, but my mom has to put up with that, so whatever is clever. As long as he is good to her and respects her and is a good model husband and step-father to my brother, I don't care. The only people that are going to be there are Glen's mom and daughter, me, Toby, and little Eric. Ginny may go, but she's very spontaneous so you never really know. It's going to be simple and plain and enjoyable. On the Tybee Island peer. I'm really excited for my mom. She's sooooooo nervous!! It's so cute, I love it. This is what I live for, to see my mother happy again and nervous and funny. But most important, happy again. We have been trying to decide on a dress and flowers and flip flops. I'll probably go spend the night with her next Thursday. It will be our time. You see, my mother, aside from Toby, is my best friend. She's been here for me through everything. She always kept me under her wing and took me in when she knew she was the only person I had. You see, when I was very young, my parents divorced and mom remarried. He was mean to me, esspecially after Ginny was born, and my dad was having rough times and wasn't really in contact too much. So...I was a momma's girl. Always have been, always will be. When I was a child, my biggest fear was losing my mother. What would I do? Where would I go? Who would I live with? What about my siblings? We would be seperated? Now, almost 23, I still don't know what I would do if anything happens to her. She is the BEST MOM EVER. I don't care what you say! Really my mom has ALWAYS gone above and beyond for us. She always made sure we were taken care of and had clothes, a roof over our heads, and food on the table. She always makes sure that we celebrate our birthdays. She always finds a way, because she has a will. She is the most driven woman I have ever known. And it was all for us. I've seen her in her deepest of sorrows and she was STILL a good mom. My mom is the poster mom for all single working mothers across America. She's the shit. So yes, it's kind of hard seeing her get married. I mean, I just want the absolute best for my mother. No less. I have faith that Glen will make her happy and fulfill her needs for the rest of her life. Sorry for rambling, I just had to get all that out. So next Saturday here we come!